How to flash BIOS?

Generally speaking, there are several reasons for BIOS update:
(1).BIOS micro code update, new CPU support;
(2).Fix some bugs;
(3).According to some customer’s request, modify something.

NOTE: If your system runs well, please don’t flash BIOS. After all, there is risk when flash BIOS, and we assume no responsibility for any damages. If you have to update the BIOS to resolve some issues, please check the BIOS release notes on our website first.
The following is a simple guide on How to flash BIOS

Preparations before you flash BIOS
I. Know your MB’s model name.
(1). Find the model name on the motherboard’s surface.

The sticker near the socket states the serial number and the model name. In this case , “MCP61M2MA-8EKRS2H” represents the motherboard’s model name.
(2). Sticker label on package box.

“K8T890M2AA-KRS2H” represents the motherboard’s model name.

II. Know your current BIOS version and what code (Award/AMI) is used.
(Hit the » Tab» key while booting and use «Pause» key to STOP this screen and you will have below screen) Award BIOS identify.


III. Find the right BIOS for your MB from our website.
Unpack the BIOS file and the flashing utility to your bootable disk.

IV. Check your onboard jumper/BIOS for BIOS Flash protection and disable it. Some motherboards have such function.

NOTE: If you don’t know how to create a bootable disk, please link to the following address:
V. Flash BIOS Procedure:
1. Award Flash BIOS Procedure:
(1). Boot your system from the bootable disk.
(2). When you get the A: prompt, please type as the following sequence:
A: dir
A:> AFUXXX BIOS file /py/sn/cc/cd/cp/wb .
Note: The characters ‘XXX’ in ‘AFUXXX’ shows the flash utility’s version, however, instead of «AFUXXX» some BIOS files come with the «AWDFLASH» utility, you should just use it and do the same as AFUXXX.

The pictures below might show more clearly. The BIOS flash process is executed on
A:AWDFLASH 683f1p48.bin /py/sn/cc/cd/cp/wb

For the meanings of those parameters, type “AWDFLASH /?” to get the screen below.

B. Begin to flash.

C.Press F1 to restart

(3).If you use floppy disk as bootable device, please eject it from floppy drive. Subsequently, press F1 to reboot system and enter BIOS to Load Optimized defaults. Once you have set up RAID or want to set HDD/LAN as 1st Boot device, return to your previous settings. At last, Save&exit setup.

2.AMI Flash BIOS Procedure:
The procedure is similar to the Award BIOS flashing procedure except for the flash interface & parameters. Use the following command line:
AFUDOS BIOS file /P /B /C /N .
For details, check the picture below, which shows the flashing process being executed on a P35A

For the meanings of those parameters, type “AFUDOS /?” to get the screen below.

1.Please don’t turn off or reboot the system during BIOS flashing! By doing so, you will cause serious damage to your system!
2.This file does not apply to the Q965 mainboard. Its flashing procedure is an exception.

H —-How to flash bios with ME function?

P Please disable ME function before flash bios:

Fi First power off your computer, and then set MFG jumper to 2-3 pin to disable ME function.

Then flash bios with following command line:
f fpt -f 946F1PXX.BIN –Y

O Or run the batch file directly.

T Then power off your computer after flash and set MFG jumper to 1-2 pin.


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